• New Century has created various challenges for the school going population from increasing academic pressure to adjustment issues. Absenteeism, Bullying, Suicides and other behavioural concerns among school going children are also on the rise. Counselling can help students deal with such concerns and also foster their overall mental wellbeing. Counselling is a process that empowers individuals to deal with their mental health, wellness, education, and career related concerns and help them accomplish their goals.

    At REMS, we believe that Counselling can not only help students to deal with their concerns but it also foster their personal, academic and social development. Thus, our Counselling program functions on both curative and preventive level.

    Counselling Program

    • Individual Counselling- School counsellor helps individual students to deal with their academic, emotional and social concerns.
    • Career Guidance - Aptitude Testing and career counselling is conducted to guide students about their career plans.
    • Parent Support- School Counsellor facilitates group and individual sessions for parents to help them understand student's concerns and guide them about how they can support their children effectively.
    • Counselling Class- Grade 8 to Grade 10 students undergo 30 minutes Counselling class per week where they are provided with life skills training.
    • Mental Health Awareness Sessions- These sessions are conducted for all students, parents and teachers on variety of topics like Safe touch, Responsible use of internet, Conflict resolutions etc.