Inception / History



Rotary English Medium School is the manifestation of an idea. A vision. The sculpting of this vision began on 18 June, 2007 when the first student walked through the portals of the school. Rotary was hatchling with 82 students and 25 staff; however its journey had just begun, and there was no looking back. Over the years, the school grew in leaps and bounds. With a growing name and stature, it was but natural that the need to expand was felt at a very early stage. We continue to grow and enrollment is currently at 1354 students. We at Rotary care for the whole individual, with the real purpose of education not just to fill students with information, but to enable them to think.Throughout our history, Rotary School community has remained committed to create an environment in which students are known, supported, challenged, and encouraged to grow.

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.'