Our students and teachers bring a diversity of knowledge, experiences, and accomplishments to our community. But what we all share is an intense curiosity and a love of learning. At each grade level, students are challenged academically and personally to learn and grow. From the lab to the stage, our faculty and staff guide students as they gain understanding and proficiency across all disciplines. Our academic program is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in a global society.


We forge meaningful relationships with students, with the goal of each student being personally supported and known.
  • We offer the CBSE curriculum.Our learner-centric pedagogy focuses on each student, based on their individual needs in terms of their academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth.
  • Our innovative teaching methods place emphasis on both curricular academia and essential life lessons and skills.
  • In the ensuing years of Primary School, our curriculum focuses on the knowledge that children need to interact efficiently in a complex and changing world.
  • The student's intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is strengthened.
  • Throughout these crucial, formative academic years, our consistent effort is to prepare students for the real world. Hence, project work, field trips and other activities are conducted to enhance classroom instruction, where students are encouraged to question, analyze and be creative.

  • Various competitions, activities and celebrations are held in our school that boost the students knowledge and consolidate their learning.
  • The various competitions held are as follows:-
  • Drawing competition
  • Handwriting competition
  • English elocution competition
  • Hindi elocution competition
  • Card-making competition
  • Story-Telling competition
  • Dance competition


    Academic success and healthy personal development

      At Rotary English Medium School, academic success and healthy personal development go hand in hand. We strive to provide a relevant, challenging, and interdisciplinary academic curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for our student body. We know that academic success in middle school depends on meeting student's developmental needs as well. Our faculty and staff create learning environments that are respectful, supportive, and inclusive, and where students can connect with others who share their interests.
      Our school culture help students develop critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to connect with others; nurture healthy development of brain and body, and social-emotional intelligence; and ensure that students have the ability to communicate self-correct, manage their time, and set and achieve goals.


      Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
    • English
    • Marathi,Hindi & Sanskrit
    • Mathematics
    • Science - (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
    • History & Civics
    • Geography
    • Computer
    • Art & Craft
    • Physical Education

      High challenge, high support

      Rotary English Medium School academic program reflects our belief in the importance of broad study in the liberal arts and fostering global understanding. Our faculty foster rigorous, collaborative learning environments where students can develop their critical thinking, take creative and intellectual risks, and deeply engage in the content.

Other Exams
  1. Scholarship
  2. Elementary Drawing
  3. Science Olympeiad
  4. Talent Hunt
  5. Quiz
  6. Hindi Pradnya Shodh

  1. School Brochure
  2. Admission Form
  3. CBSE Registarion Certificate
  4. CBSE School Audit Report